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Four levels of support:
Bronze :       5000$
Silver :      10 000$
Gold :        15 000$
Platinum : 20 000$



  1. The BRONZE category entitles you to have your logo on the TFWNF website and in the film that will be produced.


  1. The other 3 categories (Silver, Gold and Platinum) also entitle you to many other benefits on a proportional basis to the level chosen:


  1. Different sizes of visibility of the sponsor's logo in the different places where the logos are going to be highlighted:

    1. On the TFWNF website.

    2. In the film that is going to be made and then widely distributed.

    3. On all press releases. 

    4. And on all the visuals that will be displayed at the location of the event.

  2. Different numbers of "VIP passes" to participate in the ceremony, as well as the other VIP festivities that will take place afterwards (a great opportunity to invite your main customers to these events).

  3. The right to mention in all your own communication (brochure, e-mails, etc.):

OFFICIAL (Silver, Gold or Platinum) SPONSOR


“The French Will Never Forget”


We are of course flexible on what could be more important to you, and we can modulate the benefits according to your requirements and what you want to derive from your sponsorship (more passes for the ceremony for example, or others).


However, please understand that this event is a very solemn commemoration and therefore we cannot turn it into a commercial enterprise.


The exploitation of your participation in all your communication as a Silver, Gold or Platinum Sponsor, is something very important because it will continue over time and will clearly associate you with the event as one of the major players.  

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