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This grassroots initiative met with immediate enthusiasm from French associations and organizations throughout the United States and France.

One of them particularly worth mentioning is Les Fleurs de la Memoire (The Flowers of Memory), which was created three years ago and already counts several thousand French families among its membership.

The organization's sole mission, to which members commit in writing, is that at least once a year during their lifetime and that of their children they will lay a flower on the grave of an American fallen in France.




Under threatening skies, more than 100 grammar school children walked from their respective schools in Saint James to the cemetery, arriving at the gate behind the Cenotaph. They assembled on the stairs in front of the Memorial where they joined the veterans and Scouts. After a brief explanation they followed the veterans to the plot areas where employees, pre-positioned by the buckets of roses would assist all. Like a well-oiled machine all graves and WOM were flowered in forty minutes. After some parting pictures by the Cenotaph the children walked back to town.

It was a memorable moment for all including the employees. One teacher came and related he had heard a number of the children actually talk to headstones. The duty of remembrance will surely be accomplished.

Jacques R. Adele

I am an American who knows that the French American friendship can not be erased by words. Feelings go much deeper than that.
Your gesture says more than words can ever hope to say.
Thank you "

Don Wright
Director of Logistics, The American Battle Monuments Commission European Region

Embassy of the United States of America


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